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Based on the Odyssey by Homer

Adapted by Sue Frumin

Following on from the dramatic success of The Tempest in 2016 at Skala Eressos Women’s Festival and in 2017 at The Rose Playhouse and L-Fest, Sea-change Theatre are creating a new work based on The Odyssey by Homer.

Odyssea is a women’s journey through the terrors and joys of life. Having fought and won the Gender battles in the mythical city of Troy she sets out on her journey home. At each stage of her journey, Odyssea is beset by monsters, demons and devils intent on her destruction. Will she defeat these devilish forces? Are they real or in her imagination and what or who do they represent?

Odyssea will explore themes of joy, fear, recklessness, home, disaster, love and survival in a brand new version for 2018.


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